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Our natural world is under assault from human activity. The trouble is, to recognise damage to nature reveals also the risk to ourselves. ‘Progress’ is in the hands not of individual people, nor their elected representatives and politicians. It is in the hands of the free market, the large corporates who set the direction of our world through creating profit streams however they can. We don’t have to identify this as evil; rather it is almost inevitable. We are persuaded of the benefits of convenience and consumerism, and we are the source of the profits and the stimulant to corporate behaviour and the setters of social trends. What we must do is to observe, to ask questions, and be honest enough with ourselves to recognise that nothing we do is without consequence. If we are custodians of our children’s futures, we must accept individual and joint responsibility for the condition of our planet.


Here are examples of honest concern over EM fields from telecoms affecting wildlife:

Electromagnetic fields and trees

There are some very interesting pieces of research and anecdotal evidence related to possible physiological effects of EMFs.

Research indicates that microwave radiation may be partially responsible for some cases of partial deforestation:

Dr Hertel’s work also includes photographs and maps of an apparently effected areas, with the photos showing what is alleged to be damage to tree growth caused by microwaves – with markedly different ring profiles noted on different sides of the cross-sections taken through the trunks. Lines of deforestation followed line of transmission. Though there are other possible explanations for some noted occurrences such as the light and shade the trees have been exposed to in the past and geoelectromagnetic anomalies affecting growth patterns and die-back, the research seems highly competent and worthy of further investigation.

Further aspects

Leylandii are notable for their ability to screen EM fields, but a long time ago the antenna properties of trees were known:

Charles Claessens, Verband Baubiologie, notes: ‘I have screwed a screw in some trees in my garden. On them I placed a contact antenne and recorded the signals coming from them. I have to place them on my website shortly. I am told, that some 15 years ago, somebody in Germany has a tree dying. He placed a screw in the tree, placed a thick wire on it and connected the other end to a ground rod placed farther away. The received signals now did not go through the roots of the tree, but landed in the ground rod. This tree got healthy again. Yes, trees absorb a lot of radiation.’


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