About the h.e.s.e. Project in the UK

This site is an extension of the European h.e.s.e. project, set in place to meet the needs of not just UK, but all English-speaking researchers and thinkers.

One of the unfortunate traits of the English-speaking world is its limited ability to read other languages. Another is the apparent unwillingness of its research community to make efforts to engage with other-language research. At a time when there is growing polarisation on key issues affecting the future of our planet and the well-being of all human races, it is imperative that we all think and act together.

h.e.s.e.-UK makes no pretence to address even a small part of such a wide agenda. If (or when) it had the resources, anything can be considered. Here, in the early days of the venture, we wish to start by engaging with the issues of pollutants, especially regarding non-ionising electromagnetic radition (NIEMR), to better understand its effects on people and the living environment.

Technological development has grown exponentially in recent decades, in part because of the develoment of global markets and corporate marketing might. Many of the modern inventions and practices we employ were not ones sought by the masses, but ones presented to us with enticements of convenience and comfort. Money and the opportunity of invention have been stronger than the wisdom to consider consequences of massive and rapid change. As a result we have become isolated from our natural world, in practical terms more ignorant of the way it supports us, more abusive of it, and in consequence less aware of the harm our actions will cause ourselves and future generations.

Pause the world!

You may notice that the spinning world at the top of our pages can be paused (run your mouse over)! We are not presenting a message of rejection of progress, only one of recognising where we are going and a desperate need to pause, take stock and act, where our treatment of the environment threatens current and future well-being.

h.e.s.e.-UK has set out with rigorous intent to research, analyse and understand, not to adopt unsubstatiated positions. There is far too much polarisation between scientists and corporate or political interest, and far too much self-interest already. We only want to see through that interest and present clearly where we are on key issues. Science is no longer the free domain of explorers after new knowledge; much of it can only continue through funding by industry and government with their own agendas. This colours the way research is done, what research is done, and of that, how much gets published and where.

In Europe, scientists including those linked with the h.e.s.e. project have made progress in areas where the UK appears to lag behind. h.e.s.e.-UK has set itself the unenviable task of translating some of this in order to widen debate and introduce fresh insights.