The Highest Regional Court in Brescia (North Italy) has now  issued a final valid judgement confirming a causal connection.

The brain tumor of an employee of the INAIL (IstitutoNazionale by l' Assicurazione contro gli Infortuni sul Lavoro) the National Public Insurance Institute, has been caused by hours of use of a cordless(DECT) and/or mobile phone

The judgement is a breakthrough because this time the  Judge excluded industry financed appraisals and relied on industry independent data.

This judgement makes it now possible for employees in Italy to insist on the supply of a corded phone and to advise their employer that they are legally liable for future damages should they insist on the use of a cordless phone.

The Consumer  Center  in South Tirol advises everyone to insist on a written declaration  regarding the use of telecommunication equipment  which  expressly states that the employer takes all responsibility for any future medium or long term consequence.

The plaintiff has now been awarded an 80% disability pension due to his 'mobile damage'  and  the employer INAIL is to pay all court costs.