Le Parisien, 19 March 2013 (translation by author of blog)

It is the first time that the precautionary principle will be applied in France to children. Failing to succeed with adoption of their draft legislation on electromagnetic waves in January, the ecologist deputies have obtained approval of draft school reform legislation for precautionary measures in schools. 

Voted Tuesday at the National Assembly, an amendment of the law stipulates that the public service establishment of the digital educational program foreseen by the text favors “wired” connections, that is, Ethernet, rather than Wi-Fi. 

The amendment defended by the Green Party was intended to « push the State and local authorities to protect children, notably the youngest, from the influence of waves”, in the name of the “precautionary principle”. Since 1995, the Barnier Law suggests that “in the absence of certainty, taking into account current scientific and technical knowledge, the adoption of effective and corresponding measures aimed at preventing risk of serious and irreversible harm to the environment at an acceptable economic cost must not be delayed”.

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