The International h.e.s.e. Project

The h.e.s.e. project is a loose union of scientists and scientific institutions with different fields of specialization as well as informed laymen – from all over the world – working interdisciplinarily together under the premises:

Human Ecological Social Economic

The h.e.s.e. project is supernational, politically neutral and not obligated to any economic interest groups.

The h.e.s.e. project operates worldwide.

The h.e.s.e. project determines its activities on its own responsibility and tries to point out solutions for given and known problems of human daily life and the surrounding environment in the sense of the given premises.

The h.e.s.e. project is subdivided into autonomous research groups professionally clearly defined, which, due to the cited premises, deal with the relevant difficulties.

The necessity of founding a research group can either be recognised by the h.e.s.e. project itself, or be raised from outside. A further objective is publishing its own authors or external technical publications on a corresponding platform on the Internet. h.e.s.e. project’s publications are at everybody’s complete disposal, provided that they respect copyright and always cite the h.e.s.e. and author source.

The h.e.s.e. project’s work is funded by sponsoring and donations.

Its activities are co-ordinated and organised by regional offices.