Welcome to the h.e.s.e. Project in the UK

This site is an extension of the European h.e.s.e. project, set in place to meet the needs of not just UK, but all English-speaking researchers and thinkers.

One of the unfortunate traits of the English-speaking world is its limited ability to read other languages. Another is the apparent unwillingness of its research community to make efforts to engage with other-language research. At a time when there is growing polarisation on key issues affecting the future of our planet and the well-being of all human races, it is imperative that we all think and act together.

Here we hope to redress that in some small way, and introduce to you research results and thinking that offer new insights.

  • If you are a researcher, please do make use of all h.e.s.e. resources on this and the main European site, and offer us your feedback, comment and contributions. Please take part in these important issues.
  • If you are a translator and can offer some services, please contact us. Even if you can only offer occasional help, every little counts.

(The flags above do not provide page-by-page translation, but open areas contributed by other-language groups.)